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Búfalo Werner & Mertz S.A. has been in business for over 75 years.
The trademark "BUFALO" was born in 1930.
Búfalo was founded in Barcelona in 1933 and began its activity with the launching of a liquid colour repairing dye for white shoes. The rapid success of that first product led to the development of a new, wider range of shoe repairing dyes in different colours.
During World War II, Búfalo, due to the difficulty in finding those auxiliary products necessary for production, decided to expand its plant in order to become self-sufficient. Manufacture at that time and up to the 1990s was located in Sant Adriá de Besós, very near Barcelona, in Catalonia.
In the 1960s, thanks to the appearance in Spain of new supply companies, Búfalo once again reorganized production and increased its exportation. With this long international experience Búfalo today has business nearly all over the world. The trademark BÚFALO is known not only in Europe, but there are also licencees in South America and Africa, which manufacture local products with BÚFALO'S formulas and know-how.
In 1989, the German group Werner & Mertz decided to enter into the Spanish market via the acquisition of the Búfalo company within its international development.
In 1990 BÚFALO WERNER & MERTZ, S.A. launched the FROGGY brand of cleaning products in our country. A range of products based on natural active ingredients which met the new demands of increasingly aware consumers as a result of the current of environmentalist opinion.

In 2001 BÚFALO WERNER & MERTZ, S.A. ESPAÑA launched TARAX in Spain, one of the leading European brands in specialized products for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of baths, toilets and septic pits.
In the course of 2005, BÚFALO WERNER & MERTZ introduced another new brands in Spain: EMSAL

EMSAL is the international brand of Werner & Mertz for floor cleaning and protection, and is a very well-known brand in Central Europe. EMSAL markets modern products with innovative technology formulas that look after and protect floors that are sensitive to water and stains.

At present, Búfalo Werner & Mertz, S.A. is a leader in technology characterized by use of natural components with the aim of complying with the demanding norms of environmental protection. Moreover, it promotes a marketing focused on growth and development.

In Werner & Mertz manufacturing process, the employees work at present with modern and efficient machinery.

The manufacturing centre of shoe care products located in Mainz / Germany (near Francfort) is the largest plant of this type in Europe (photograph above, 1998).
Anther manufacturing centre for cleaning and shoecare products of Werner & Mertz is located in Hallein / Austria (very close to Salzburg).
Búfalo’s link with Werner & Mertz has shown during the last few years the best way of competing with success within a global economy.